Your Prayer Coach – A Personal Prayer Guide. Prayers are Scripture-based and personalized. Pray with confidence by praying God’s word. Great for a beginner prayer warrior but also refreshing for veterans. These are prayers for self, family and a host of life’s issues. Experience breathtaking climb into the heart of God. Learn to enhance your prayers.  It’s the start of an incredible journey of faith. Prayer is powerful with remarkable results. It keeps you ahead of the game and puts your mind at ease. This book will make a difference in your prayer life.

I am including the Hebrew Names of God in my writing.

HalleluYah – “You praise The LORD.” Yah is the poetic form of YHVH. HalleluYah is the preferred way of writing this word in my blogs and my book.

Most of us will be addressing God as LORD. Some may prefer to call Him Adonai, the Hebrew word for LORD. Regardless of your preference, the prayers will work either way.

The featured photo of the wailing wall was taken during my trip to Israel in 2012.

Everyone is welcome on this site. Anybody can make a comment but any comment with spirit of debate, intimidation, fear, and oppression will be deleted. This site is for encouragement purposes only.

May God bless all of You.

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    Thanking the LORD Jesus for after four years when I swore to Him that I will avail most of my time in prayer – a book “Your Prayer Coach” came from a long-time friend and prayer partner. The book serves as one of my guide in prayer ministry. My six year old granddaughter enjoys reading it, too. I wish and pray that many will be blessed using the book in their personal prayer life… To God be the glory, Pink! Indeed, the Lord looks at the heart of His children who seeks to delight in Him – – -erna – –

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    I grew up being taught prayers are memorized, & said over & over. I wanted to feel comfortable being able to spend time in conversation with my Lord, & to share with others. With this book, “Your Prayer Couch,” I feel free to talk to the Lord & share with others. Easy read. Great gifts. Have given copies to many of my closest family & friends. All of us have shared & had many meaningful, prayerful, conversations, directly relating to Cyd Olsons book. Thank you, for sharing Cyd. The gift that keeps on giving. To God be the glory. Co worker & friend, Mo Maxwell RN


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