Components of an Effective Prayer Life

Most of people pray, be it personal or memorized. Some of you might have wondered if there is such thing as guideline to pray which actually is. Here are the 10 components of an effective prayer life:

1. Relationship with God through The Messiah Jesus (Yeshua)

Components of Effect Prayer in Life
Dear God…

2. Bless and Praise The God of the universe

3. Forgive everyone who has offended you

4. Come clean before The LORD (Confess all your sins)

5. Thank God for all your blessings

6. Read and pray His word

7. Cast out demons in The Name of Jesus The Messiah (Yeshua HaMashiach)

8. Pray with other believers

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9. Fast (Give up certain foods or skip meals for a definite period)


10. Sing Praise and Worship Songs

Let Your Prayer Journey Begin!

Your Prayer Coach – A Personal Prayer Guide by Cyd J. Olson, RN

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