The Gift of Prayer

The Gift Of Prayer

What is prayer? To me, it is knocking on heaven’s door, to appear before the throne of the Almighty to worship and to humble myself before Him.

People are always asking me to pray for them or their loved ones. How many of you know of somebody who has cancer? Do you know of anybody looking for a job? Do you know people who are depressed, anxious or lonely? There are illnesses, deaths, accidents, emotional, psychological and spiritual struggles. How about financial bondage? The lists go on and on.  Everybody is in some kind of trouble!

I started researching and compiling verses that were applicable in all types of situation. Every prayer request that I received became my project.

All these concerns and experiences led to the writing of the book, “My Prayer Coach- A Personal Prayer Guide.” The cover was from the picture of the wailing wall that I took when I went to Israel in 2012.

If and when you pray, do you have a feeling of satisfaction that your prayers were heard? Do you even know to pray? How about when you are facing insurmountable odds?

You should really have this book. This is your prayer coach. It will teach you how to pray. This is an indispensable tool! Prayer is the foundation of every success and survival.

Don’t you think you owe it to yourself to pray the Scriptures over you? Give the gift of prayer to your children, your spouse, and your friends. Don’t delay, life is too short to miss this opportunity! Pray with confidence and experience breathtaking climb into the heart of God. It will be the start of an incredible journey of faith.

Take the first step, you won’t be disappointed! Get a copy for you, a friend or family. Give them the gift of prayer. It will last for eternity!

The Gift of Prayer is the perfect gift for this holiday season! Click the link to get it now!


2 thoughts on “The Gift of Prayer

  1. Your Prayer Coach has been a great asset to my prayer life. I have given many of these books for gifts and everyone is always so excited to receive it. I thank Cyd for taking the time for writing this book for the enrichment of all who read it.


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