Your Personal Prayer For Success

 Personal Prayer For Success Day 1 (Sunday)


Bless The LORD / Forgive Others Confess Your Sins / Thank The LORD

LORD (Adonai), bless me and keep me. Make Your face shine upon me and be gracious to me. LORD (Adonai), lift up Your countenance upon me and give me peace.LORD (Adonai), You are faithful. You established me, and kept me from evil. Remove from me, all bitterness, wrath, anger, screaming, and evil speech including malice. Please cover (me/us) with the love and blood of The Lamb.

Help me to be kind to (name of spouse) and enable me to forgive. Place a hedge of protection around (me/us) and our children.

Be gracious to me and be my strength every morning. LORD (Adonai), remind me that I am working for You, and not for men. Help me to do my job with excellence and with all my heart.

Enable me to honor You with my tithes and offerings. Help me to fulfill my responsibilities without complaining.

LORD (Adonai), defend me from the enemy. Father (Abba), if You are willing, please do not permit the adversary (HaSatan) to touch me.

You are the LORD Who heals (Adonai Rapha). There is victory in The Name of Jesus (Yeshua)! Keep me healthy LORD (Adonai)!

Spirit of infirmity, depart from my body right now! Come out of me in The Name of Jesus (Yeshua) Who gave me the authority to trample down snakes and scorpions and to disable all the power of the enemy! Go away and do not come back in The Name of Jesus (Yeshua)!

LORD, (Adonai), help me to obey Your instruction, to walk in Your ways, to keep Your statutes, Your commandments, Your ordinances, and Your testimonies, written in the law of Moses, that I may prosper in all that I do, and wherever I go.

LORD (Adonai), I beg you, let Your ear be attentive now to my prayer. I delight to fear Your Name. Please grant me success today. Grant me mercy and favor in the sight of my co-workers and leaders.

I can do all things through Jesus (Yeshua), The Messiah who strengthens me.

God of Hope, fill me with all joy and peace. I believe that I will overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.

I cast all my cares upon You. Thank You for caring for me.

LORD (Adonai), Honor and glory and blessing be Yours today.

In Jesus’ Name (B’Shem Yeshua). Amen.



May you find favor in the sight of the Lord and may He know you by name.  

Exodus 33:17 CJB


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