God Has A Wonderful Purpose For Your Life

posted Nov 18, 2011, 10:54 PM by Bible Correspondence Institute   [ updated Nov 18, 2011, 11:01 PM ]

It is not an accident that you exist in this world. You are God’s creation and he has a wonderful purpose for your life. You can know about His purpose for your life, by studying His words, the Bible.  

God has a wonderful purpose for your life

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A lot of people are living in this world without knowing the real purpose of their existence. If confronted with a question, “What is your purpose in life?” , many would give answers such as “to graduate, to marry, to raise children, to serve others, etc.”  But such are just our goals in life which revolve around our purpose. If your purpose in life is just to marry, then when you have married already, you no longer have a purpose. Or, if your purpose in life is just to raise children, so when your children are grown up and become independent then you lose your purpose.  Some people are in this world as if they exist just to work and they have no time for God.  We need to work to live but we do not live to work.  Those who do not value God in their lives and are so workaholic, that they cannot give time to knowing God, will someday resign from their jobs and live the rest of their lives without a sense of purpose, and would just wait till they die. You need to know God’s purpose for your life. – Edwin Jardinel




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