By Bobby Olson

Bad fat? Fat is known to be the main pure source of energy. It is made up of fatty acids which are building blocks. These building blocks are classified as monounsaturated, saturated or polyunsaturated which only differs from its chemical structures. There are different kinds of fats, we have good and as well as bad fats. Unknown to many of us, all foods actually contain a mix of fats. They just matter with the proportion of fats in certain food. But what are these bad fats and why are they bad?

Bad Fats

The bad fats are the ones manufactured by corporations. Hydrogenated or trans fats are the worst. It is actually man-made in a lab, which is a no secret to anybody. When you go buy and buy something in the grocery, be sure to avoid the word hydrogenated on labels. They take an unsaturated fat, meaning it’s liquid at room temps and convert it to saturated fat. This only means that it’s a solid at room temps by passing hydrogen bubbles across it in a big tank. Too much of these saturated fats increases the cholesterol in our blood. There are several studies that show how intake of high saturated fat has a connection with high cholesterol. Furthermore, there is a high risk of stroke as well as heart diseases because high intake of saturated fats increases the bad cholesterol level that streams in body’s blood.

Bad Fats

The other bad fats are oils like canola and as well as those vegetable oils that undergo a certain process where they use hexane bath. This is actually a close cousin to gasoline which is used to extract the oil from the crop. Best fats are naturally occurring in nature and unprocessed as possible. We stick with USDA organic cold pressed coconut oil or USDA organic olive oil. Aside from that, the process where the body burns fat for energy rather than sugar is called ketosis. It happens when we restrict carbohydrate consumption, as well as sugar.


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