My Bedroom Window

My Bedroom Window is a piece written by my son, Kurt, during his dirtbag days in Summit County, Colorado.  As a mother, this brings enlightenment to my soul and strengthens my faith in God. He is always watching over my children. This is the ultimate experience for those who are courageous and adventurous. I am in awe as I read his story.

By Kurt Olson

My brother, a few close friends and I were a nomadic tribe of dirtbags. You could find us down a dark forest service road late at night, in an encampment made of vans and Subarus, drinking tea and sharing stories. Sometimes we would step through a portal into an enchanted camp where society completely melted away. Inaccessible to the world and those who are too afraid to leave the “trail”, the inner child started showing itself. Jumping into high alpine lakes naked and running through the woods in my underwear with a knife in my mouth and burning sticks in my hands is something that only happens in this special room, my “bedroom.”

My Bedroom Window

buffcampsiteHigh on a mountain pass right on the edge of the narrow dirt road was my favorite “bedroom”. The wind was always ripping, and the immensity of the valley below was always breathtaking. Moonlit nights gave the ridge line across the valley an angelic aura, but dark nights exposed the endless expanse of heaven and all its starlit glory. Many nights I stripped down to my base layers and crawled inside my toasty sleeping bag, just to stare out of the window for hours. Instead of thinking, I would just lay there and feel the fresh of the earth.

There are no words to describe the way my bedroom window made me feel. The experience is beyond the capacity of human words. Maybe it is the essence of the one who created all this. Unexplainable and incomprehensible in His likeness. I am lucky and extremely privileged to have received a gift as this “bedroom window”.


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