Healthy Ways To Reduce High Blood Pressure

bp3Toastmasters Project # 7: Healthy Ways To Reduce High Blood Pressure

Delivered on: 7/28/2016

Place: St. Andrews Speaker’s Club

Blood pressure is the pressure of blood in your arteries at its highest level (when your heart beats) and its lowest level (when your heart relaxes between beats). A normal blood pressure for adults is 120/80. High blood pressure is a sustained blood pressure of 140/90 or above.

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, about 70 million American adults (29%) have high blood pressure—that’s 1 of every 3 adults.1 Only about half (52%) of people with high blood pressure have their condition under control.

According to Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics-2015 Update: a report from the American Heart Association,High blood pressure costs the nation $46 billion each year. This total includes the cost of health care services, medications to treat high blood pressure, and missed days of work.

More than 360,000 American deaths in 2013 included high blood pressure as a primary or contributing cause. That is almost 1,000 deaths each day. (

When you have a high blood pressure, it increases your risk for health conditions that are dangerous. These are heart failure, stroke, kidney disease and heart attacks.

You may not be able to control all of your risk factors for high blood pressure, but you can take steps to prevent it and its complications.

How many of you have high blood pressure? I have it myself. Blood pressure medications are not the only way  to lower your blood pressure. There are natural ways too.

Do you love chocolates? Good news! A new Harvard study found that eating a small square of dark chocolate daily can help lower blood pressure. (

There are other foods that can also lower your blood pressure and they are berries, potatoes, beets, oatmeal, bananas, fish oil, cashews, almonds, kale, turmeric, green tea, extra virgin olive oil and a whole lot more.

High Blood Pressure DoctorThe researchers at Indiana University have found that housecleaning, yard work, and washing the car had been shown to significantly lower blood pressure.

I can testify on this myself. I would take my blood pressure before and after cleaning the house and I can tell you that it works.

There are several studies which showed that forgiving someone decreases blood pressure in the one doing the forgiving. However, in a study of married couples, forgiving was shown to significantly lower systolic and diastolic blood pressure in both the person doing the forgiving and the person being forgiven. (Article by Joshua Lancette)

A case report in the April issue of Arthritis Care & Research appeared about a 76 yr old woman who had experienced severe preoperative hypertension prior to total knee replacement surgery. While the patient was unresponsive to aggressive medication, she had a dramatic drop in her blood pressure when she sang several religious songs. (

Let’s not forget that laughter also reduces the production of stress hormones, not only during the time of laughter but also for some time after. Blood vessels dilate and an increased amount of oxygen enters the circulation due to deeper breathing. (Article from The Humour Foundation)

Therefore if we clean our house, forgive, eat chocolates, laugh, listen to music and sing…we can lower our blood pressure.

I would like us all to stand and sing On Top of The World.

Healthy Ways To Lower High Blood Pressure
Speech # 7, given at St. Andrews Speakers Club

More Foods that can help lower blood pressure:

  1. Celery
  2. Fish or Fish Oil
  3. Pomegranate Juice
  4. Hibiscus Tea
  5. Beets
  6. Fiber
  7. Guava


Foods to avoid if you have high blood pressure

  1. Alcohol
  2. Sugar
  3. Fats

Source: How to Reduce High Blood Pressure by Dr. David Williams

Hibiscus Sabdariffa L. Tea (Tisane) Lowers Blood Pressure in Prehypertensive and Mildly Hypertensive Adults    (

Pictures of My Indoor Hibiscus Plant



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