By Bobby Olson

Fabric Softener! What is the secret? While TV ads paint a wonderful springtime fresh image of fabric softener, the truth about these products is not exactly what you might expect.

Mainstream commercial fabric softeners and dryer sheets are one of the most toxic products you can bring into your home.

Nobody is going to drink fabric softener, but the chemicals end up in our blood stream just the same. Exposure is 24/7. The product is in our clothing off-gassing and enters the body via inhalation. When we sleep at night, our noses are pressed against the linens, inhaling fabric softener all night long. These toxic chemicals are now being fed to our body, yet few of us give it a thought.

So what exactly are these chemicals in fabric softener that are so wicked? Rather than go into a lengthy detail here, I can direct people to the Environmental Working Group who researches these products and recommends people skip liquid fabric softeners and dryer sheets altogether. The web address is and is an excellent source of information.

I have no affiliation with EWG but have found them to be a valuable resource for information on personal care and cleaning products. They have the funding to do lab analysis on everyday products, then rate them on an A thru F basis for health safety.

When we buy a product, every time that product passes over the scanner at checkout, we are casting a vote. Consumers have more power than they realize to change what industry puts on the shelves. Exercise that power today.

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