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A Story Of Forgiveness

This is a story of our friend, Dr. Tom Roxas. He used to be our Singles Bible Study teacher while he was a Dallas Theological Seminary Student. I haven’t heard him speak for about 30 years so I clicked on this video to hear him again. He is the same powerful, able-to-touch your soul, speaker. Please watch to hear the account of how he forgave his brother’s murderer. Thank you, Tom Roxas, for sharing your story. May God be glorified!


Hope For Broken Pieces – Toastmasters Project #10 (Inspire Your Audience)

This speech, “Hope For Broken Pieces,” was delivered at St. Andrews Speakers Club, A Toastmasters Club in Plano on 11/17/2016.

What are these? A bunch of broken, useless strings. Are they really? What about these? Beads from broken necklaces and left-over sewing notions. What good are they? I am here to tell you that there is hope for broken pieces!


You see our clean linens at work (hospital) comes every morning bundled up with these strings.

They have had life ordinaire. They had served their original purpose, to tie up or hold together stuff.  One day, I had an idea! Why not save the strings and make something pretty? I right away told my co-workers about my plan. They liked my idea! I bought a crochet needle, watched a youtube video on how to make granny squares and then I went to work. I decided to make a purse. I used the granny squares I made, broken pieces of jewelry from my dresser and used an old tote bag as a liner. I entered it in the art contest sponsored by the Business Council of the Arts held on our campus called, “On My Own Time.”


The result? I won!

This was the year, 2013. I crocheted many other pieces since then. I made baskets as going away gifts. I made a baby dress, ankle sweaters and embarked on a yearly project making baby hats for babies born at UTSW. Along with other nurses, I made a commitment to make pretty hats out of useless strings.

The outcome? We made the labor and delivery nurses happy including the parents of all the babies.

What about your life? Do you have a bunch of broken dreams and broken promises? A broken home, divorce, unfulfilled dreams, failing health and weariness?

What will you do about it? I will tell you what!

Just pick up the pieces, join them together and start stitching. When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade. Put all these broken pieces together and embellish them with peace and contentment. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and visualize your future. It may take some time but with patience and perseverance, your life will become a masterpiece!

(Only a few of the pictures below were included in the slides during the speech) Pictures were added here to show more details of the projects.





Paintings By Cyd J. Olson


My first painting following a youtube tutorial.
My second painting following a youtube tutorial









My first successful painting copied from the photograph my sister took in Tasmania, Australia.


Mt. Cook, NZ
Mt. Cook, NZ painted for my boss by Cyd J. Olson.





Glennis’ childhood home in New Zealand



The painting I completed at Sofia Art  Academy










Early Morning


Boreas Pass in Colorado


Painting my canvas garden


Be happy garden






The moon at The Thompsons’ ranch


The Garden of Gethsemane


A baby girl’s heavenly journey


The heavens declare (Painting donated to the family of the subject)


First House

Painting of Kurt (my son), who used to live in Colorado. Here he was on top Peak 10, Breckenridge, CO.

Mt Fuji
Mt Fuji





Raw Food Diet And My Eczema

Two months of raw food. No meat. No wheat. Nothing cooked.

This posting was written by Kevin J Olson. Originally posted on Eczema Relief Network (A Facebook Group)

I have been through the test of time my entire life. My answer is raw natural food and this is what is working for me. I plan on re-introducing fish after 3 months. As for anyone else, we are all different and have different allergies. Take what is helpful; do what works for you.

Diet and activity regimen…

Coconut/ oil/butter
Almonds/almond butter
Sunflower seeds
Macadamia nuts




Hemp milk
Coconut milk – has b12
Coconut water
Spring water/ alkaline water

15+ Manuka (tea tree) honey
Organic raw unfiltered brazil honey
Organic raw coconut oil

The main source of protein:
Almond butter
Powders – Bone broth protein
( ancient nutrition brand)

Showering in –
organic coconut oil

Deodorant is Burt’s bees natural beeswax.

Sleep sched: 12am-8am

Ocean time. est. 10hrs/wk (2 hrs/day around 5 days a week.)
Reef minerals and salts
Sun exposure & cardio through surfing and free diving.

I generally make smoothies for breakfast and dinner. Smoothies taste good and are easy on digestion. For lunch, I like to eat something full like nuts and trail mix or veggie wraps.

My staple breakfast smoothies are:
*Almond butter – for protein and fat
*Organic raw Coconut oil – probiotic and good fats.
Organic raw Honey – probiotic sweetener.

Before and after raw food diet pics: