A Mother’s Prayer Availes Much

 A Mother’s Prayer Avails Much
Toastmasters Project #6- Vocal Variety
Delivered on: 6/23/16
What is Prayer? The usual definition is simply “talking to God.”
For me, prayer is knocking on heaven’s door. He is high above the heavens, I am down here below.
Every morning I knock on heaven’s door. I talk to God about my husband and my children. He is so faithful to answer me and nothing is more evident than in the lives of my children.
Recently my sons 26 & 22, moved to Hawaii. But before this, there were lots of doubt mixed-in with inspiration. many times, I have to tell the spirit of doubt, fear, and oppression to leave my children alone in the name of Jesus!
On April 6th of this year, after just a few months of preparation, our sons, Kurt and Kevin finally made it there.  A friend of mine, Ariel, met them there for fun and adventure.

They had planned to settle in Hilo but it rained a lot, which kept them from the ocean, so it defeated the purpose of living near the beach. Problems with allergies and eczema necessitate ocean dipping regularly. 

After 7 days in Hilo, they went to Maui. They met a lady at the bus stop who told them to go to Oahu because that is where the jobs are and they have a better bus system. 


They decided to try out Oahu. Ariel went back home to Texas and K & K checked into a cheap hotel in Waikiki on their first night. The city is bustling and full of tourists. Hotels are very expensive and the cheaper ones were all booked for the weekend. Eventually, they ended up in a male dorm at a hostel. There are buses alright but they are crowded and it takes time to get from point A to point B. It is costly to eat and farmers’ market is nowhere to be found. 

Their money was going down fast and Kevin’s eczema flared up. He also cut his foot on a sharp rock when he dipped in the ocean. The fear of contracting staph added to the list of worries. 


On April 21st, I got a text from Kurt:

Well, this trip is going terribly

I texted back:

Keep your eyes on God who owns Hawaii. Don’t let the spirit of fear & doubt affect you.


I was at work, so what t did, I skipped my lunch, I went to the deserted lobby in the building and prayed for 30 mins. I prayed for their employment, for the spirit of confidence to come, for doubt to go away. Thirty minutes did not seem long enough. I have a prayer book on my phone so everything I said in my prayers was scriptures prayed over them.


Then I texted Kurt, not to be discouraged.  There will be breakthrough soon.


That afternoon, Kurt was hired as a craftsman by Build Oahu, a custom homes contractor. Perfect for Kurt, who likes fine carpentry. 


Things brightened up for Kurt. Next, he bought a motorcycle one block away from where he was.  Finally, he found a shared room with a monthly rental. 


In 36 hours he had a job, transportation and a place to live! HalleluYah!


Kevin returned to Maui. This was what he said, “so much better to be in Maui, not so crazy here.”


I was updating my family in the Philippines about the boys’ situation in Hawaii when my Stepmother, Lingling, informed me that she has cousins in Maui.  She notified them of his arrival.


When Kevin got off the plane, he checked the ads for bicycles and there was a newly posted one for sale. He rode the bus and went straight to the seller to buy it.


Pastor Bong and Darlene (Lingling’s cousins) offered Kevin a place to stay while looking for a job. They also provided meals for free. 


God took care of Kevin’s most pressing need. A place to live and meals for free. One important thing, he needs a job.


I fasted and prayed again. That evening, I got a call from Kevin that evening and he was hired by Whole Foods. This is perfect for him because that is where he gets his food to keep his eczema from breaking out. He will get discounts on food and there is a ladder that he can climb if he wants to be in management someday. A good place to train because Whole Foods is everywhere.

 He became a full-time employee even before starting his job.


HalleluYah! My praises to my LORD and King, Who owns Hawaii and knows what is best for them!


Transportation, Housing, Job, God provided all!