A Family Wilderness Vacation – Toastmaster Project #5

A Family Wilderness Vacation

Your Body Speaks – Toastmaster Project #5

Date of Delivery: 6/6/16

Once upon a time,  My husband and I, and our 2 little boys went on vacation in Northern Mn where there was a big lake, cabins, forest and bears! 

We used to live in Minneapolis so we had to drive for 5 hours to get to Whispering Pines Lodge. 

Our boys were 4 and 8 yrs old. To keep them from being bored in the car, I invented a wildlife game. Points would be given to whoever spotted an animal first. For rabbits, deer, owl, squirrels, those would get 5 points but if it’s a bear, that would be 10 points. The winner would get a treat! 

That made our car trip interesting and fun! The kids were so busy looking for animals they forgot to complain! 

We finally arrived at the place. As we drove down the winding road amidst pine trees and tweeting birds, I spotted an animal who walked like a person walking between the cabins. It was brown and hairy and guess what it was? A bear! I saw it first, yes, I saw it first! I got 10 pts. I won the game!!!

Our vacation had begun. The noise, the crowds were left behind. We were surrounded by the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness and became the guests of deer, moose, black bear, Timberwolves, lions and other wild creatures that inhabit northern Minnesota’s truly natural park. 

We went fishing but the fishes all avoided us. We keep trying. Finally, I got one on the line, a big fish!!! I was so excited I was rolling it in, then the line broke (pop)and it got away. That was the end of my fishing ambitions.  

We needed our older son to experience the joy of catching a fish so the next day we asked the resident naturalist to go fishing with him and my husband. He caught a small fish and it made him very happy!

One night, my husband and I were almost asleep when we heard a crashing sound (bang) outside the bedroom. Our 2 little boys were in the bedroom next door, fast asleep.  My husband turned to me and said,” someone is in the cabin with us.” Could it be the bear? We wondered aloud. Then my husband opened the door and yelled out loud, get out of here bear! He saw the bear, reached out for the garbage sack through the window, inside the porch. The bear had torn the screen on one of the Windows. The bear quickly disappeared! 

I handed the camera to my husband and I told him to take a picture. He said he could not find the bear outside so I went to the porch and looked out the window and I found the bear happily eating the trash on the other side of the cabin! 

I told my husband, the bear is over here, go take a picture. He was kinda far and I said, “closer!” The bear was too busy eating Filipino leftovers to pay attention to the crazy tourists who wanted to take his picture. 

The next day we canoed and explored the nearby island. The boys had so much fun! 

We also visited the International Wolf Center in Ely, MN  and educated ourselves about wolves.

One day we found a teeny tiny mouse barely able to walk in the middle of the cabin floor. We had to take him outside. 

When our vacation ended and it was time to leave, we discovered a snake coiled under the water heater that stood inside the bathroom just by the door. 

We hurriedly got out of there but I bet you that snake was with us the whole time we were there!  I will not think of all the possibilities that may have happened when living with a snake. I will only thank God of His presence and protection that abide with us in the midst of seemingly safe but dangerous place. 

It was truly a wonderful wilderness experience even with the snake in the cabin!