A Messed Up American Folk Tales-Story Telling

Story Telling- Project #1, Folk Tales

Delivered at: St. Andrews Speakers Club, Plano, Texas

A Messed Up American Folk Tales

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Goldilocks with a little red riding hood.

One morning, Goldilocks asked her mother if she could go to visit her grandmother as it had been awhile since they’d seen each other.

“That’s a good idea,” her mother said.  So they packed a nice basket for little red Goldilocks to take to her grandmother.

On her way, she happened to pass the house of the 3 pigs. She knocked on the door but nobody answered. She decided to go in and she saw 3 bowls of porridge on the table.

Curiosity got the better of her and she tasted the porridge on the first bowl. Ouch, this is too hot!  She tasted the 2nd bowl of porridge. “This is too cold,” she said. So, she tasted the last bowl of porridge.

“Ahhh, this porridge is just right,” she said happily and she ate it all up. After she’d eaten the three pigs breakfasts she decided she was feeling a little tired so she went upstairs to the bedroom.  She lay down in the first bed, but it was too hard.  Then she lay in the second bed, but it was too soft.  Then she lay down in the third bed and it was just right.  Little red Goldilocks fell asleep.

As she was sleeping, the three pigs came home.

“Someone’s been eating my porridge,” oinked the Papa pig!

“Someone’s been eating my porridge,” oinked the Mama pig!

“Someone’s been eating my porridge and they ate it all up!” Oinked oinked the Baby pig.

They decided to go upstairs to the bedroom, Papa pig oinked, “Someone’s been sleeping in my bed,”

“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed, too” oinked the Mama pig.

“Someone’s been sleeping in my bed and she’s still there!” Oinked 3 the Baby pig

Just then, Goldilocks woke up and saw the three pigs, She screamed, “Help!”  And she jumped and ran out of the room.  Goldilocks ran down the stairs, opened the door, grabbed her basket and ran away into the forest. However, instead of going straight to her grandma’s house, she got distracted by the beautiful flowers along the way. While she was admiring them, the big bad bear suddenly appeared. Remembering her mother’s advice not to talk to strangers, she ran as fast as she could to her grandma’s house which was made of sticks. She made it inside the house when they heard a knock on the door. “Grandmother (2x), let me come in”. “No, no, said Grandmother,” not by the hair of my chinny chin chin. Then I will huff and I’ll puff and blow your house down growled the big bad bear.

And that’s what he did and the house fell down. Goldilocks with her little red riding hood and her Grandma run to the house of bricks owned by the 3 little wolves. They ask for their help and they let them in. Then they heard a knock on the door. Little wolves 2, let me come in. Not by the hair of my chiny chin chin, said one of the little wolves. Then I will huff and puff and blow your house down, growled the big bad bear. He tried with all his might but he could not blow it down. Grandmother called 911 and reported the big bad bear. The police came and took him to jail. And they all live happily ever after!


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