Prayer When You Are Lonely

This is a prayer that you can say when you are lonely. You may be lonely because you are alone or you may be around other people but feel all alone. Whatever your situation is, there is hope for a better day. Hannoten Teshua – The Giver of Salvation (Hebrews 5: 9) can help alleviate your loneliness. His Spirit will keep you warm. Let us not forget that the enemy will also use the situation to make you feel lonely and miserable. You must cast out the spirit of loneliness. Say it loud because it really works!

When you pray, you must bless The LORD. Try hard to forgive others. Search your mind of any sin and confess them before the Father.  Thank The LORD for everything. Be gracious and you will be blessed!

Here is the short prayer:

God (Elohim), You are my refuge and my strength. You are my help when I am in trouble. I cast all my anxieties on You for You care about me. Spirit of Loneliness, You depart from me right now in The Name of Jesus (Yeshua), Who gave me the authority to trample down snakes and scorpions and to disable all the power of the enemy! You cannot harm me for God has promised to deliver me! LORD (Adonai), heal my broken heart and bind up my wounds.

I will not fear or be dismayed for You are my God. Strengthen me, help me, and uphold me with Your right hand of righteousness! Eternal God, You are my refuge and underneath are the everlasting arms.

You thrust out the enemy from before me and destroy them. Renew my strength. Let me mount up with wings like eagles. Enable me to run and not be weary. Help me as I walk that I will not faint.

In Jesus’ Name (B’Shem Yeshua). Amen.


References: Psalm 144: 10, Psalm 46: 1, 1 Peter 5: 7, Luke 10: 19, Daniel 6: 16, Psalm 147: 3, Isaiah 41: 10, Deuteronomy 33: 27, Isaiah 40: 31


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