You Can Tell God About Car Problems

The old car that my daughter, Kristy, was blessed with had transmission problems. She needed the car to go to work.

The question I asked her was, “Did God gave you the car so you can have a breakdown on the road?” and the other question the Israelites asked was, “ God, did you take us out of Egypt so we can die in the desert?” As humans, our vision is limited. We don’t see what God sees, and we cannot comprehend His plan for us.

I suggested to her that, because we are women without a lot of money, our only recourse is to pray. I told her that God could fix anything and He had already done it for us in the past. Our white van had some issues that the mechanic had seen with his own eyes, but when he drove it for 20 miles, the problem went away. When my son got stuck in Yukon Canada 3 yrs ago, he could have died but strangers rescued him and when he opened his iTunes screen, it said, “your guardian angel.” So God/angels also use technology. God had performed so many miracles in our lives, we would run out of the page to tell it.

Armed with the knowledge of God’s faithfulness, I told her, we would pray that God would send angels led by Angel Gabriel to take her and her car to work. If something would happen, then she could call five guys (2 brothers, 1 friend, 1 cousin and 1 uncle/Pastor) and one of them should be able to rescue her. But, I thought the angels could handle her all on their own and would not need the guys. The next day, I checked on her, and she had made it to her workplace. Then, we prayed again that the angels would take her back to her home and they did! The following day she brought the car to a mechanic. The engine light was on for the sensor. When I got a message on my phone, “omg mom.” I thought,”Yes!”

The mechanic drove the car on the highway, and the transmission was not slipping anymore. So there was nothing to fix.  Praise God! It has been more than a week, and the car is doing just fine. If I had the money to buy a new car, then I would miss the miracle He wanted me to see, and I would just go on in this life thinking money is the answer to everything.  God is more powerful than money, but He requires for me to abandon myself to Him completely. Our God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or dream according to His power that works in us. Eph. 3:20


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