The Song Inside You

There is a song inside all of us. Some of us actually sing to God through a beautiful voice but the rest of us sing our songs differently. We all bring our offering to our God in many ways. Some people dance, write, garden, clean, crochet, cook, build, bake etc. I never understood this until a Messianic artist, Jonathan Settle, shared a story about a lady who worshiped God through her dance. Her husband described it as her song. Jonathan encouraged us to find our song. The first time he shared it with our group, I never really understood it completely. I thought I needed to have a theme song. This time when he shared the story again, I had a better understanding of what he was talking about and I was so thrilled to let him know that I found my song!

My song to God is my art, specifically painting! I truly want to do my best because every piece is an offering. I am sure God has a plan where each painting will go, whether I keep it or make available to the public, it is my desire that each work will bless people and give God the glory.

Art influences everything we do. There is an art in praying and taking care of our health. Our faith shows the kind of life we live. Whether we are artistic or not, there is a rhythm that is being played just like the way our heart beats.

Knowing how to pray effectively can help a person deal with stress and anxiety. Prayer is a powerful force that can help a person to keep going when the going gets tough. A prayer is a form of hope. That is why I have to include articles and prayers in my site because how can people appreciate art if they do not have any hope.

Health is a major concern for everybody. It is important to understand where our food comes from. We have to become an informed consumer and exercise critical thinking. Taking care of our health in order to experience serenity is important to me, after all, I am a registered nurse.

It is my desire that each person will find their song, enjoy the peace and blessings that our Creator has so lavishly bestowed upon us.

I am a painter of serenity and I am also the author of “Your Prayer Coach – A Personal Prayer Guide.” Prayers are Scripture-based and personalized. Pray with confidence in praying God’s word. Great for a beginner prayer warrior but also refreshing for veterans. Experience breathtaking climb into the heart of God. Learn to enhance your prayers.  It’s the start of an incredible journey of faith. Prayer is powerful with remarkable results. It keeps you ahead of the game and puts your mind at ease. This book will make a difference in your prayer life.

If you would like to have a piece of my serenity art, you are welcome to go to my art page. Please go to Serenity Art Song

May God bless all of You.

Cyd J. Olson, RN