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Your Prayer Coach: A Personal Prayer Guide

Your Prayer Coach – A Personal Prayer Guide. Prayers are Scripture-based and personalized. Pray with confidence by praying God’s word. It is great for a beginner prayer warrior but also refreshing for veterans. These are prayers for yourself, family and life’s issues. Experience breathtaking climb into the heart of God. Learn to enhance your prayers. It’s the start of an incredible journey of faith. Prayer is powerful with remarkable results. It keeps you ahead of the game and puts your mind at ease. This book will make a difference in your prayer life.


Just a Little Girl: How a Clinical Death Brought a Teenage Girl Face-to-Face With An Angel and Head-to-Toe with Her Faith

When eighteen-year- old Victoria dies in the ICU and encounters an angel that gives her a prophetic mandate from God, her insatiable quest for spiritual enlightenment begins. As compelling as any contemporary novel, this dramatic and inspiring true story is a roller-coaster ride through supernatural experience, denominational enlightenment, and a teenage marriage that not only survives the loss of a child but thrives through unbeatable odds.

Shining a fresh light on the theology of a Jewish Jesus, the author deftly weaves the history of the Christian faith from its genesis of the first century to the present-day Greco-Roman Christianity―all the while giving us an up close and personal glimpse of an extraordinary life.

A devoted wife, mother of six, and grandmother of nineteen, Victoria refuses to succumb to age and limitations. Far from Just a Little Girl, Victoria Sarvadi’s unconventional journey from teenage motherhood to Hebraic scholar and teacher will captivate and consume you from start to finish.    Victoria Sarvadi’s Website


17 Reasons Why The Universal Church Idea Is Unscriptural by Edwin Jardinel (2015-07-04)

Many Christians today do not care about attending a Biblical church or finding the true church that Jesus founded because they have a wrong conception of what a church is and they believe that the local assembly founded by Christ do not exist. However, if you would study Matthew 16: 18, you will learn that His church will continue to perpetuate because Christ made a promise that, even the gates of hell shall not prevail against her.
And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock, I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. –Matthew 16:18

The problem is that a lot of Christians are confused about the meaning of the church, and many are made to believe that this has reference to a universal invisible church and not a local visible assembly. Is there really a universal invisible church? Is the universal church idea Biblical?
This book shares 17 reasons why the universal church idea is unscriptural. The church describes in the Bible is a local visible assembly. One will not be interested in learning about the history and perpetuity of the Lord’s church without a clear understanding of the Lord’s church. It is my prayer that readers of this book will be enlightened about the real meaning of the church.  Edwin’s Books


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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Biomechanics for the Performer

This book is not written for everyone. It is written for those who believe that a God, a Divine being, an Intelligent Designer, created them. The study of the human body is an astonishing celebration of our Creator, who with extraordinary care molded our bodies, provided us with novelty to celebrate our differences, and integrated us with such wonderful systems, functions, and capabilities that such praise is stopped in our throats.

The anatomical and physiological aspects of the body are applied to aspects of training in an introductory and pervasive way, including the biomechanical applications to movement in performance. Designed with practical applications of exercises, this book serves as a basic textbook for students interested in performing. The text is also a wonderful complement to homeschool education. Dr. Lou’s Books


31 Days of Mountaintop Miracles: One Woman’s Legacy of Unconditional Obedience

Miracles by definition are extraordinary events manifesting a supernatural work of God―an unusual event or accomplishment, a wonder, a marvel. A never-ending supply of miracles has made up Susie Jennings life since November 1993, when she and a group of volunteers distributed 100 new blankets to the homeless living under the Canton Street bridge overpass in downtown Dallas.

In 31 Days of Mountaintop Miracles, Susie shares the legacy of a blanket distribution project that through God’s grace and guidance has grown from an unthinkable tragedy into Operation Care International (OCI), a worldwide outreach ministry, dedicated to caring for the homeless in Dallas, Texas and impoverished children around the world.

With a spirit of unconditional obedience, Susie and her OCI Team have reached over 130,000 homeless men, women and children in the Dallas Metroplex area and conducted major outreach efforts to change the lives of thousands of impoverished children in nine countries, including; the Philippines, India, Africa, Taiwan/China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Jordan, and Israel. OCI has been faithful in carrying the message of love and hope to those in need through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With over 3,000 volunteers and serving 8,500 + homeless, OCI hosts the nation’s largest Christmas party for those in need, held every December since 2004 at the Dallas Convention Center.

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O Lord God Of Israel


Jonathan Settel, presents 12 wonderful Messianic songs! Settel, one of the best-loved singers in Evangelical Christian circles, is known worldwide for his musical abilities, technical skills, and strong, sensitive vocal style. His golden voice will lead you to places of worship first discovered by the fathers of Israel. He always draws our spirits back to Israel, where we dance and sing in worship to King Messiah.